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Editorial by KS Augustin

Welcome to Issue 3

Posted: 15 May, 2014 at 5:43 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Despite the fact that the first science-fiction author was a woman (Mary Shelley) and the first computer programmer was a woman (Ada Lovelace), the world of SF still seems determined to make sure that women don’t breach the Citadel of Manliness that many have erected to “protect” SF. While the recent Nebula Award winners were gloriously female, and Lightspeed magazine published its “Women Destroy SF!” edition (although it feels like we keep on having to reinvent the wheel every decade over this issue), it didn’t take long for David Truesdale to play the “complete denial” card regarding sexism at conventions, editorial decisions, and generally wimmin in his SF.

Under such circumstances, it’s very easy to succumb to the urge to go hide under a rock. To play it safe. To talk to the same people about the same things. It’s also counter-productive. We shouldn’t wait until we’re about to be overrun by phalanxes of orcs before reaching out and building alliances. This is a process that must be built and nurtured over time and the earlier we begin, the better.

When Heather, Diane and I created Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly, one thing we were very definite about was its inclusiveness. Which is why we welcome male SFR authors as much as female, and why we reach out to others who appreciate female SF and SFR authors as much as we do, regardless of colour, creed, religion…or gender.

With that mind, I’d like to welcome Ian Sales to the SFRQ team. Ian created and runs the SF Mistressworks website, highlighting SF written by women, and we’ll be featuring an analysis of one book by a female SF author from his site every issue. Welcome Ian!

This issue’s interview also includes Nico Rosso, a talented SFR author who also happens to be (*gasp*) male. I hope you enjoy reading his interview as much as I did.

We add another reviewer to the roster here at SFRQ. RK Shiraishi is a long-time fan of SFR and she’ll be bringing her razor-sharp analyses to join the rest of the über-fine crew at the magazine.

If you follow us on Twitter (@SciFiRomance), you would already know that, thanks to our generous and wonderful sponsors, we were able to feature two short stories for you this issue. “Lovelab Podcast—Interplanetary Edition” by Tara Campbell tackles that topic too little seen in SF; i.e. humour. It will appeal to any of us who have watched and listened to more reality entertainment than is good for us. And Emmeline Lock takes us high in the skies in “Liberating Clemency”, with two adventurers vying for a very special stone and the hapless Kapitaen trying to stop them both.

Our columns have a great mix of articles. Heather Massey tackles the fundamental question of why you should even read SFR in her Cosmic Lounge column, Charlee Allden veers from cyborg squirrels to the potential of alien heroes in this issue of Scopebox, and Jody Wallace examines patriarchies and matriarchies in “Beyond the Patriarchy: Breaking Free of Entrenched Gender Constraints in the SFR Genre”.

There’s a lot of reading waiting for you in Issue 3 and a special “Cyborgs” issue coming up at the end of September, so have fun and please support our sponsors. We couldn’t do any of this without them.

Go read!

Kaz Augustin

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