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Alien abduction—the beans and rice of sci-fi romance?

Posted: 31 December, 2014 at 5:20 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

One of the most entertaining topics to ponder in Sci-Fi Romance is the alien abduction trope. So many popular Sci-Fi Romance authors have an alien abduction story in their backlist that it seems almost a mainstay or staple.

The human fascination with aliens certainly didn’t start with our favorite genre. Seemingly alien imagery appears in ancient art and our interest likely dates back to the first person to look at the moon and see a face staring back. It’s our nature to look for recognizable forms in the unrecognizable and to weave stories to explain the unexplainable. Understandably, UFO sightings captured our imagination about the time our technological advances were turning our attention to the stars and alien-abduction stories leapt into the public consciousness in the same decade that we were tirelessly pursuing a way to take man to the moon. Those stories were often terrifying and twisted, so how and why did those stories of being abducted, examined and probed against the abductees’ will become the fodder for romance novels?

Perhaps it’s because the trope taps into the desire to be “chosen” above others. Or because it’s the only way we can explain why a reasonable woman of our times would choose to leave Earth and take up with a space alien, no matter how hunky. Maybe it’s a good way to amp up the drama of an opposites-attract romance. Or it could just be a fun way to start an excellent Sci-Fi adventure. To be honest, I don’t think these stories are meant to be read too deeply. Whatever the case, the alien abduction scenario is out there and shows no sign of fading. Personally, I’m happy at the thought because I adore the trope. Without further ado, I happily submit a few book suggestions for your consideration and reading pleasure.

One of the most fascinating and original alien abduction stories I’ve read is a book I reviewed for my blog back in 2010. Captured by Julia Rachel Barrett went on to be an EPIC finalist in 2011. This freshly told story begins with a woman who wakes up prematurely on the space ship hauling her and many others to a planet where they are slated to be harvested for food.

A series with fresh, fascinating world-building is The Survival Race series by K.M. Fawcett. In Captive, the first book in the series, we are introduced to an alien world where super-sized aliens keep humans as pets and breed them to race in a deadly competition. This series features human couples, but the heroine of Book One is abducted from Earth at the beginning of the story and she is introduced to other humans who were either abducted or raised in captivity.

If you go poking around the backlist of indie phenom, S.E. Smith, you’ll find that her Dragon Lords of Valdir series is full of titles like Abducting Abby, Capturing Caraand Ambushing Ariel. While I haven’t yet worked my way through her extensive back list (I only discovered her this year) I love her storytelling and feel confident recommending any of her books. Her heroes are the triple threat: sexy, protective, and devoted to their heroines.

The earliest releases from another one of Sci-Fi Romance’s New York Times best-selling authors, Laurann Dohner, were in the Zorn Warriors series. All the books in the series are flavored with alien abductions, and Book Two is appropriately titled Kidnapping Casey. It features a woman running from threats by her ex-boyfriend when she comes across a Zorn warrior she initially mistakes for Bigfoot. Luckily, that doesn’t stop her from having a sexy fling with him behind a waterfall, after which he decides to take her home to his planet.

There are many, many more great alien abduction romances out there, far too many to name. But if you’re not yet convinced that alien abduction is the rice and beans of Sci-Fi romance, consider this—to this day my post on Captured remains the second-most viewed post on my blog.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on alien abduction stories. Please feel free to comment on this article or to contact me directly. I’m not hard to find. Happy reading!

Charlee Allden

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