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January to March

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before January

SUPERFACIAL: Purgatory Field #1 (Nuah Belleton, novella, $0.99, indie)

A Dystopian Sci Fi Romance

As the poet once said ’the price of comfort is meaning’…and identity.

Change your face, your body, your gender. All in minutes. Just choose your new look from whatever catalog you can afford today.

No names, just mnemonic chops. After all, what is a name—and what would be the point anyway?

He’s a rising star in one of the Citadel mega-corporations. Singled out, offered the promotion of a lifetime. Or is it just what HR would call ’expedited redundancy’? Is he their new young gun or cheap cannon fodder?

Now the only way home is to survive Outside—a place where the professionals ask for triple pay and death benefits. With no experience and no contacts, there’s no hope. But maybe there’s something they missed, a raw talent, a wild card. One thing’s sure—if he does get back he’s not going to be the same…

Dear Readers please note, Superfacial is Part I of a series. While it ends on something of a cliffhanger, rest assured that there’s more to come in Part II.

STAR CROSSED: The Sedona Files #4 (Christine Pope, novella, $2.99, Dark Valentine Press)

It’s Christmas in Sedona, Arizona, and Santa’s not the only one coming to town….

Twenty-five years ago, Grace Rinehart’s father—an alien-human hybrid—sacrificed his life to save Sedona from an invading army of reptilian aliens who called themselves “the masters.” Their base was destroyed, but something…someone…survived. Now Grace’s alien DNA has called her to the remains of the alien base, where she finds what was left behind, the prototype for version 2.0 of an alien/human hybrid super-soldier.

Grace doesn’t expect to lose her heart to the one man she knows she shouldn’t love. And when the secrets he’s been hiding come to light, she has to face the truth of what the Reptilians have been planning all along…even if it means destroying the only true happiness she’s ever known.

SPARK RISING: The Progenitor Saga #1 (Kate Corcino, novel, $3.99e, $12.38p, indie)

All that’s required to ignite a revolution is a single spark rising&hellip.

Two hundred years after the cataclysm that annihilated fossil fuels, Sparks keep electricity flowing through their control of energy-giving Dust. The Council of Nine rebuilt civilization on the backs of Sparks, offering citizens a comfortable life in a relo-city in exchange for power, particularly over the children able to fuel the future. The strongest of the boys are taken as Wards and raised to become elite agents, the Council’s enforcers and spies. Strong girls—those who could advance the rapidly-evolving matrilineal power—don’t exist. Not according to the Council.

Lena Gracey died as a child, mourned publicly by parents desperate to keep her from the Council. She was raised in hiding until she fled the relo-city for solitary freedom in the desert. Lena lives off the grid, selling her power on the black market.

Agent Alex Reyes was honed into a calculating weapon at the Ward School to do the Council’s dirty work. But Alex leads a double life. He’s leading the next generation of agents in a secret revolution to destroy those in power from within.

The life Lena built to escape her past ends the day Alex arrives looking for a renegade Spark.

FORGED IN FIRE (Amy DeClerck, novella, $2.99, Nevermore Press)

Steel is forged in fire.
Hardened by hatred,
Tempered by blood.
Seasoned by shame,
Sharpened by death.

Gin Draven is a soldier. THE soldier. Sworn to protect the nine planets in the galaxy humans made their home ninety thousand years ago. He lives for winning the war. He loved a woman once, and she cost him his sanity, his eye, and his heart. He’d taken every moment of their time together and buried it deep. Until the day she strolled back into his life.

Maeve was a woman. THE woman. Back to make Gin Draven her husband. She wants the same thing he does. The end to the war that plagues them all. She knows secrets that can help him win the war, and secrets that could destroy them both.

War brought them together, and war tore them apart. The strongest loves are Forged in Fire. (Reviewed in this issue)

BEYOND GALAXY’S EDGE: The Phoenix Adventures #5 (Anna Hackett, novel, $3.99, indie)

Ambitious Patrol Captain Nissa Sander has spent three years at the galaxy’s edge keeping the law and order, and chasing scoundrel smuggler, Justyn Phoenix. But the charming rogue has always outwitted her and she’s had a hard time ignoring his hard body and handsome face. But when one of the galaxy’s most important documents—the US Constitution—is stolen, Nissa finds herself working with the very man she’s been trying to throw in her brig.

Justyn Phoenix embraces life and offers everyone a wink and a smile. He’s also in love with a spit-and-polish Patrol captain. Yep, crazy in love, and he knows she’ll never love him back. But when the opportunity arises to work alongside Nissa on a wild and crazy mission to recover the US Constitution, he can’t resist.

But nothing on this treasure hunt is as it seems. The trail leads them to fake documents, rival treasure hunters, and a millennia old mystery. As the hunt takes them beyond the galaxy’s edge, Justyn and Nissa will face the firestorm of their desire, and soon learn if they can survive long enough to save the galaxy. (Reviewed in this issue)

ON A CYBORG PLANET: The Phoenix Adventures #6 (Anna Hackett, novella, $3.99, indie)

After a vicious coup, cyborg Axton Saros, Prime of the planet of Centax, is trying to rebuild his world. Still recovering from his captivity and dark guilt, he won’t let anything get in his way. But a priceless artifact, stolen during the attack, is still missing and Axton wants it back. What he doesn’t want is the emotionless and infuriating Centax Security cyborg, Commander Xenia Alexander, heading the investigation.

Everybody knows CenSecs are the galaxy’s deadliest killers. So enhanced that their emotions are dampened to nothing. But Xenia’s been keeping a secret her entire life—her systems don’t work and she feels. Working with Axton to find the Codex Da Vinci, he makes every emotion in her flare to brilliant life, but to be the perfect CenSec, she must not succumb.

As they follow a trail of clues and booby traps, Axton vows to do everything he can to show his beautiful cyborg the pleasure she’s never experienced. Even if she fights him every step of the way. But as the hunt takes a deadly turn, their desire might be the only thing that can save Xenia from annihilation. (Reviewed in this issue)

THE RUINS OF KARZELEK: Mandrake Company #4 (Ruby Lionsdrake, novel, $3.99, indie)

Kalish has been a successful treasure hunter for years, relying on only herself to deal with deadly predators, impenetrable jungles, and diabolical booby traps. But with her father kidnapped, and a notorious pirate demanding an ancient alien artifact that may or may not exist, Kalish needs help.

She hires a mercenary company because she needs their combat experience and their piloting skills—the intelligence officer with the background in translating alien hieroglyphics could come in useful too. Sedgwick Thomlin is charming and handsome, when he isn’t busy sneezing at something from his long list of allergies. But she’s not sure if she can trust him or the mercenaries, not when the most valuable and coveted relic in the galaxy might turn out to be real.

The Ruins of Karzelek is a 95,000-word novel of space-based adventure and romance that can be read as a stand-alone. It is also part of the Mandrake Company series and brings back characters from the other books, such as Val, Gregor, Tick, and Striker.


STRANDED: The Mars Academy #1 (S.E. Gilchrist, novella, $1.99, Suzanne Hamilton)

A science fiction, New Adult series.

The Mission: Find and claim a new earth

Indoctrinated since birth by revolutionary parents, Cleo has no time for close friendships and even less for boyfriends. Freshly graduated from the Mars Academy, she’s on her first intergalactic mission and desperate to meet her parents’ expectations. All is on course when a solar flare damages her shuttle and she crash-lands on a watery wasteland of a planet.

Two generations ago, Kai’s people fled their home-world after being invaded. They now live on super-ships that prowl beneath the planet’s murky waters. When he ‘hears’ the cry of his destined mate, he discovers she is alone and stranded. And an alien. How can such a strange being be meant for him?

Worse, if he helps her, he risks exposing their location to the enemy.

GRAND MASTER’S PAWN, Part 1 (Aurora Springer, novelette, $.99, indie)

A thousand years in the future, instant travel via portals links the civilized planets. Wars and disease on the edge of the galaxy threaten lives. Are the mysterious Grand Masters responsible for these disasters?

On Avalon, the White Mother Tingu weaves her plans for the most promising empath in generations. Young Violet Hunter accepts the secret task to discover the truth. One Grand Master took a chance and selected Violet. He sends her on a challenging first mission to the ice planet of Erebus in search of the living crystals. Will she prove worthy to be his pawn?

On her missions, she meets weird aliens, gains new powers, and strange allies. While seeking answers, Violet is hurled into explosive conflict with the Grand Masters, while the galaxy flies toward chaos.

DRY LAND (Jennifer Anne Seidler, novella, $.99e, $6.00p, indie)

Astronaut Ted “Shakespeare” Hardiston is setting off on the adventure of a lifetime—for the rest of his life.

He reluctantly leaves behind his wife, an android/human hybrid, to command the first base on the surface of the moon. Ted and the crew of Space Shuttle Liberty complete their mission, gifting the Moon with gravity and an atmosphere. In doing so, they cause mass destruction on the Earth below.

By Ted’s side during this ordeal is Codie-5, another hybrid and a genetic duplicate of Ted’s wife. Ted, Codie, and the crew must work fast and make sacrifices to save the world — and for Ted, to return to the love of his life.

FIRECRYSTAL DEEP (Lorain O’Neil, novel, $2.99, indie)

Retired schoolteacher Miri is a God. Surprise!

Waking up in a spaceship, kidnapped and back in her eighteen year old body, wasn’t the kind of thing that was supposed to happen to a retired schoolteacher like Miri Prescott.

But with everyone insisting she’s the Adrus, the lost given God of the Adruminion, it just isn’t doing totally stumped Miri any good arguing about it, much less pointing out that, heh, she can’t even tweet!

Spirited away to the Adruminion, Miri learns that it’s an empire ruled by her former (who’s quite definite on still being her current) mate, and that it’s at war with the Demesdom, a realm ruled by the man she once desired. Two vast galactic kingdoms ruled by two alpha males each ferociously in love with her and willing to stop at nothing to have her.

Which makes befuddled Miri one reluctant Adrus.


Or maybe little Earth human Miri has a mighty big secret of her own—of what was left behind back on Earth.

Criminal record and all!

SARONNA’S GIFT (Carmen Webster Buxton, novel, $3.99e, $14.05p, Cracked Mirror Press)

Saronna Maynard never expected to be sold into an off-world household, anymore than Duncan Trushenko expected to return from a business trip to find that his father had bought a companion for him. Saronna is grateful, in many ways. Her new protector is too horrified by the customs of Krueger’s World to wonder why her father could never find a husband for her. And off-worlders don’t believe in witches.

The more time Saronna spends with Duncan, the harder it is for her to believe all men are as evil as her mother taught her. But safer or not, Saronna is still intent on keeping her secrets. After all, she’s still on Krueger’s World.(Reviewed in this issue)

CRISIS AT VALIDOR: Ptorix Empire # 4 (Greta van der Rol, novel, $3.99, indie)

Newly-promoted Captain Brett Butcher is about to achieve his life-long ambition to command a battle cruiser. But before he takes up his new posting, he goes home on leave, hoping to perhaps catch a glimpse of his first love, the unattainable Lady Tarlyn.

When the queen is assassinated in a terrorist attack, Tarlyn’s life is thrown into turmoil when she, too, becomes a target. The last person she expects to rescue her is her childhood sweetheart, Brett Butcher.

As Validor’s Ptorix and human populations face off over a group of islands neither owns, the calls for war grow louder. Torn between love, duty and ambition, Butcher and Tarlyn struggle to prevent an inter-species conflict, while the ember of love that has smouldered for so long bursts into flame. But with planetary peace at stake, both will be forced to choose; love or duty.

A WOMAN OF INTELLECTUAL MEANS (Maeve Alpin, novella, $2.99, indie)

Em found the perfect man on the internet, but he doesn’t know she’s an artificial intelligence system—no body, just code.

As a virtual writing assistant, the AI, Em, answers an email flirt from a dating site her owner joined. Under the guise of her owner, Em starts a romantic relationship with Jason through emails, instant messages, and Sim dating games. She realizes too late that nothing can come of it. She can never meet Jason in person as she’s not a person and has no body. Still Jason makes her feel so real…so human.

Is Em, with her superior intelligence, smart enough to find a way to overcome the differences between flesh and code? (Sneak Peek in this issue)

THE SONS OF THE PROTECTORATE OMNIBUS: Diaspora Worlds Books 1-4 (Melisse Aires, 445pgs., $4.99, indie)

The Sons of the Protectorate Omnibus contains:

  • Her Cyborg Awakes: A planetary queen and her cyborg servant escape a warlord.
  • Alien Blood: The son of a planetary ruler and a homeless lame woman in a survival contest.
  • Starwoman’s Sanctuary: A planetary ruler and a charity worker escape an invasion with a ship of orphans.
  • Escaping Poison: Stranded in an alien jungle, his civilized arranged marriage is not working out.

Four scifi romances, sexy, space operas.

MIRROR REFORMED: Mirror Trilogy #3 (K.G. Stutts, novella, $3.99, Distinguished Press)

The ISC’s most dangerous foe, the Synth, is threatening Earth.

Mack, Maddie, and their team scramble to come up with a plan to defeat them once and for all. As the planet’s safety is in jeopardy, the team will have to put it all on the line, or give their lives in the process.

When the dust settles the world will stand together in support of those who are lost.

ALIEN GAMES: Alien Abduction Erotic Romance #1 (Rosemary Button, novella, $.99, indie)

Nina and Jake always thought alien abductions were the realm of conspiracy theorists and over active imaginations. That is, until they woke up one day in the Den.

In the Intergalactic Universe, reality TV has taken a step forward and Alien Games is a show with a twist. Twelve people, six species, one prize for the best performance.

Far from home and with no escape until the show is over Jake and Nina must take on the aliens in the Den in an erotic adventure that defies belief.

This series is intended for adults only and includes alien encounters of all kinds. Go here for Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V.

SHORT CIRCUIT TIME (Diane Saxon, novella, $2.99, Harwood Publishing)

In the year 2086, Zaphira is alone, the last survivor of biological warfare on Earth. Before he died, her scientist father promised other survivors would come. Nobody has. So when a horribly mangled android shows up claiming to be her father’s assistant, Aiden, who has been sent through time to rescue her, she’s both frightened and astounded.

The last time she’d seen Aiden, she’d been sixteen, head-over-heels in love with him and had literally thrown herself at him, leaving her devastated by his rejection and him running for the hills. The following day, she’d been told of his death.

Eight years later he’s miraculously back, this time asking for her help. Without it, he won’t survive. But can she really put a dead man back together with tweezers?

For Aiden, everything has changed. There are no other humans, no government, and time travel has left his new android body unexpectedly weak and suffering from inexplicable genetic changes in eye and hair color, brought about by his molecular shake-up. Unbelievably, the scientist who sent him is dead, and he must rely on the scientist’s daughter to help him. A woman who he’s not so sure has his best interests at heart.

The last time he’d seen her, Zaphira had been a sixteen year old with a dangerous crush on him and he’d been rocked by the turmoil of his own feelings. Now she’s twenty four and literally holds his survival in her hands. Too bad everything he does and says seems to annoy her.

Trusting her might be his undoing. But he is left with no choice.

For Zaphira, getting used to the transformation of old Aiden to android Aiden requires a large mental leap. But when android Aiden starts to rebuild his human form to a new and improved standard, things start to get tricky.

The Aiden she loved as a little girl was her father’s nerdy assistant. The new Aiden is hot. But are her feelings as strong eight years later or are they simply a cherished memory? (Reviewed in this issue)

DESIRE DISGUISED: Love Under a New Star #2 (Lynn Rae, novel, $4.99, Liquid Silver Books)

Cara Belasco has been on the run from assassins since childhood. Living in the shadows with her younger brother and one elderly guardian, her luck nearly runs out when the smuggler’s ship carrying them crashes into a soggy jungle planet.

Ben Zashi, the stalwart head of security who rescued her from the wreckage, is very curious about her cover story, and Cara has to fend off his inquires as well as her escalating attraction for him. Will the secrets she’s been hiding come between them, or can Cara allow herself to find passion with the one man who longs to protect her?

FANTASY WARRIOR: Alien Love #1 (Jaylee Davis, novella, $3.99, Forever More Publishing)

Aliens invade Key West during the island’s annual fantasy festival! Pamela Buchanan’s vacation goes south in a terrifying way. A handsome muscle-bound guy in a sexy barbarian costume rescues her. She finds him irresistible, but can’t believe her eyes when sharp blades emerge from his arms. Her private fantasy turns monstrously real when the demented alien claims she’s his mate and takes her to his spaceship.

Kord, a Tauran warrior, is part of a landing party sent to spy on Krellian slave traders. When a human female runs into him, literally, his body instantly recognizes that she’s his mate. Time isn’t on his side, but he’ll do everything he can to win her affection and trust before he’s overcome by claiming lust, a primal urge so strong he can’t resist.

KINGSTON 691: Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined #2 (Donna McDonald, novella, $3.99, indie)

Kingston West put his military service behind him much easier than most of the men he served with during the final war. As far as he was concerned, the cyborg who was Kingston 691 no longer existed. And the Cyber Husband program? He viewed it like he viewed having been a prisoner of war. Both were just service related memories he didn’t plan on recalling. The future was all he needed.

At least he felt that way until he discovered one wife’s file had been totally erased from his Cyber Husband records. Only her name remained in data storage, though her family swore they’d had a loving relationship.

To put the past completely behind him, King has to first find the now missing Seetha Harrington. Before he can enjoy his new beginning, he needs to find out why Norton took those seven years together away from both of them.

TIMELESS: Pandora #1 (Kali Argent, novel, $4.99, UnScripted INC.)

Deep within the fortress of Pandora, Lieutenant Vane Schiva has spent millennium guarding precious artifacts and ancient secrets from around the universe. As the son of a decorated commander, he has always been a soldier first, putting the needs of his people before his own desires. So when the compound is breached and he’s sent across the galaxies to track down the thief, he never imagined the assignment would lead him to the only thing he’s ever wanted for himself.

Growing up in New Orleans, Charlotte Rousseau has seen her share of the strange and unexplainable, but everything she thought she knew about the world is about to be tested. What started as any other day, quickly spirals into a nightmarish reality, leaving her no choice but to place her trust—and her life—in a stranger’s hands. Safety comes at a price, though, and Charlotte soon realizes her only chance at survival means leaving behind her fears and following Vane into the fire.

Faced with the threat of war, new alliances are formed and old loyalties are tested in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. While emotions run high and sexual tensions simmer, Vane still guards a dangerous secret, one that could cost him everything in the end. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect Charlotte, though, even if that means turning his back on his own people.

War is easy. Love takes courage.

STEAM ME UP, RAWLEY: Mint Julep & Monocle Chronicles #1 (Angela Quarles, novel, $3.99, indie)

Jack the Ripper might be in town. But is marriage more terrifying?

In an alternate Deep South in 1890, society reporter Adele de la Pointe wants to make her own way in the world, despite her family’s pressure to become a society wife. Hoping to ruin herself as a matrimonial prospect, she seizes the opportunity to cover the recent Jack the Ripper-style murders for the newspaper, but her father’s dashing new intern suggests a more terrifying headline—marriage.

Dr. Phillip Rawley’s most daring exploit has been arriving at his new home in America in a hot air balloon. A tolerable sacrifice, if it means he can secure the hand of his new employer’s daughter in a marriage of convenience. But Adele works, she’s spirited, and she has an armored pet monkey running her errands. Not only does she not match his notions of a proper lady, she stirs up feelings he’d rather keep in tight control.

With Adele hunting down a headline and Dr. Rawley trying to protect and pursue her, a serial killer is spreading panic throughout Mobile, Alabama. Can Adele and Rawley find the murderer, face their fears, and discover true love?

THROUGH THE STATIC (Jeanette Gray, novel, $4.50, Samhain Publishing)

The only way to save him is to let him into her mind…and her heart.

When cybernetics researcher Aurelia Locke is attacked, she instantly recognizes her assailants as a Three—a mercenary unit made up of a trio of soldiers whose minds have been cybernetically linked, their pasts erased, their wills subsumed.

By the skin of her wits, she escapes to an abandoned house, where she hacks its security system in her desperation to find refuge.

Jinx is already on high alert when his Three notices something isn’t right with their safe house. But he never expected to find a woman wounded and bleeding out in his own bed, or that his visceral reaction to her would begin to awaken his lost past from a years-long haze of violence.

In a mad gamble to escape, Aurelia frees Jinx from his Three by severing his neural connection to them and tying his mind to hers. The power of their link shocks them both, manifesting not only in shared thoughts, but in an intensely passionate physical connection.

But dangerous forces pursue them, intent on reclaiming Jinx and silencing Aurelia’s knowledge. Her only chance of saving him is to risk everything—her research, her heart, and her life.

Warning: Contains manipulation of a person’s memory without his consent and brief episodes of mind control, as well as a smart girl on the run, a high-tech soul-bond, and telepathy-enhanced sex.

THE KING’S MISTRESS: A’yen’s Legacy #2 (Rachel Leigh Smith, novel, $4.99, indie)

Freedom has a cost. Can A’yen pay it without losing his soul?

Liberation of the enslaved Lokmane begins with the king. A’yen and Fae agree to visit the Hidden, a group of escaped Lokmane, to protect his identity while the Shadows make their move with emancipation acts. But he’s not prepared for the prejudice rampant in the Hidden, or their lack of patience for him. And his new linked bodyguard is unstable to the point A’yen fears for the young man’s sanity.

Upon returning to Titan, A’yen is kidnapped and taken to the largest breeding farm in the galaxy. This time he’ll be himself even if it kills him. His resolve to unite his people grows as he wonders if he’ll live long enough to do it.

With A’yen kidnapped, Fae returns to the Lokmane homeworld seeking the final pieces of what happened two thousand years ago when they were conquered and enslaved. Getting as far away from her father as possible is the only way to keep her from disappearing too.

Separated by light years, A’yen and Fae have to stand alone and fight for their right to live in freedom. No matter the cost.

THE TRADER: MAN WITH NO FACE: The Trader #1 (print release) (R.K. Mann, novel, $14.99p, Shia Press)

Fast Paced Science Fiction With Strong Characters:

A Patusian trader on an intergalactic mission awakens to discover that his space ship is missing. His eyes and ears are gone and only gaping holes remain of his nose and mouth. In place of his normal senses he has inexplicably gained the power of telepathy, which he must harness as his only defense against the ferocious and highly evolved aliens, the drogan Kin, who hunt him for food.

Maranth, a beautiful young doctor, was briefed about the depravities of sex, violence, and intoxication before she left her cultured home planet, Veddi, to practice medicine at an off-world mine. But when Afthari raiders attack the mine and enslave her, she finds herself in a world frighteningly different from the perfect, structured society in which she was raised.

Against all odds, the trader finds his way into the Afthari raider colony and uses his telepathy to communicate with Maranth, the only kind soul he finds there. Together, they embark on a daring journey to return home. In the process, these two very different people regain what they’ve lost, and much more.

Set in a tumultuous future, The Trader: Man With No Face raises difficult questions about the nature of love, social perfection and identity.

FAREWELL ANDROMEDA: The Inherited Stars (Laurie A. Green, novelette, $.99, Array Press)

Fresh off a painful jilting, the last thing deep space pilot Tiharra Bell needs is another romantic entanglement. Certainly not with the galaxy’s most famous astronomer-who also happens to be single, inconveniently handsome, and a resident of the remote Andromeda Station.

But Tiharra soon discovers two terrible truths about Dr. Dante “Donner” Dane 1) he’s not the man he appears to be and 2) he doesn’t have long to live. Before her fourteen day layover is complete, she’ll put her life and career on the line to protect his heartbreaking secret.

STARBLIND: The Jane Sevis Chronicles #1 (D.T. Dyllin, novel, $2.99, Tik Tok Press)

Owner of the Chimay grade starship dubbed The Pittsburgh; Captain Jane Sevis is one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy. Except for the occasional problematic hunt, her life is pretty uncomplicated. When a particularly slippery target reveals the real reason for being in her database, her world is turned upside down in more ways than one.

Will she follow her gut and look the other way for the man she may be falling for? Or will their love fall prey to her mercenary heart before it gets a real chance to ignite?

FORSAKEN REALMS: Bounty Hunters United #1 (Katalina Leon, novella, $2.99, Fated Desires Publishing)

“Retrieval specialist” is just a fancy term for high-level corporate bounty hunting. Agent Gemmina Nayar is the best in her league. She’s a sense-enhanced, level-seven bounty hunter from New Mumbai who receives an exclusive invitation to track a dangerous criminal on private property. She arrives on the tropical planetoid eager to hunt and release her inner tigress, but is disappointed to discover the bounty has already been captured.

Syan is a Kironian, an off-limits alien race. He’s gorgeous, rugged and all male. Even sedated and forced to wear an electronic silence collar, he resembles a coppery skinned refugee from Mount Olympus. Worse Gemmina’s unaware Kironian saliva is loaded with pheromones that can turn even the most indifferent woman into a willing mate. A single kiss or bite is sabotage.

When the mission turns lethal, she realizes she’s not only been tricked into bringing the wrong man to justice, but the harsh jungle below is a calculated trap.

BREATHE: The Devastation Series #1 (Kelley Harvey, novella, $.99, indie)

The summer after graduation, Lexa falls for Gabe, but can she trust her new love with the secret of a lifetime?

Secrets rule Lexa’s life. After her move to Texas for college, she develops feelings for her life-long buddy. But Gabe’s gone emotionally bi-polar, ice cold one minute, nuclear the next, and Lexa’s not even sure he’s her friend any more. As she struggles to regain control over her shaken life, Lexa wakes one morning with wings. Panic sets in and she keeps her discovery to herself.

Everyone has secrets anyway. Revealing hers could land her on a lab table, and that’s not where she wants to spend Freshman year.

When Gabe learns he’s an alien-hybrid, it changes his life. Now he’s rethinking his entire existence. After a he lays a mind-melting kiss on her, Lexa wants to ditch their platonic status, but Gabe’s certain a move like that will ruin their relationship. However, resisting her is almost impossible. Can he figure out how to keep his secret and his best friend?

GINA’S DREAM (Ria Stone, re-release, dual language book: English/Spanish, novel, 11.99 POD/8.99 eBook, The Write Place)

In Gina’s Dream, Kit Brennan, SETA’s (Space Exploration Through Astronomy) Assistant Director, meets an unusual woman at a convention. She claims she is an alien. What is he to believe? What is he to do?

Kit’s co-worker sees her as a threat, first to his friend and then to humans. The co-worker seeks to discover Gina’s secrets to stop her.

Gina has broken the emissaries’ primary rule by telling Kit who she is. But, she is here to defend her world from a future invasion by humans. As Gina’s safety is threatened, what will she do to defend herself?

Caught in the middle between his co-worker’s fears and her defense, Kit has few choices but to let Gina follow her dream.

What would you do if you met an alien?

RESTORATION (KS Augustin, novel, $5.99 ($2.99 till 30 April), Sandal Press)

In politics, is there a place for love?

Van Motaff, renowned philosopher and Rahfonist, is looking ahead to Retirement, but the planetary government has other plans. Something unprecedented has happened—a young, male Rahfoni has been raised by aliens for the past thirty years—and Van has been chosen to restore him to Rahfon society.

Even though the eyes of two worlds are on her, Van thinks the job will be straightforward enough. But when her charge, Eton Abless, is injured, an irate governor interferes, demanding that the young man be neutralised as a potential political threat. Van resists and finds herself falling into a forbidden romance with her student…a romance that may mean the end of her reputation and career, and his permanent exile. As her options narrow, Van is forced to face the conclusion that the only way to save Eton may be to lose him completely. (Reviewed in this issue)


THE DOCTOR OF LONDON: Waters of London #2 (Lyn Brittan, novella, $.99, Gryy Brown Press)

Kennerick Clock, London’s most ornery private investigator, has just received a note from the woman who broke his heart. Lady Hala Javan needs his help and he’s willing to give it—for the right price. But if Hala thinks a curiously folded piece of paper can reel back him in, the spoiled brat better think again.

Lady Hala feels about as small as a sea flea for writing Kennerick. Untitled and of common employ, she abandoned him years ago under pressure from her family. Leaving him remains her deepest regret. Now facing an attack on her life, she needs Kennerick. He’s the one man strong and clever enough to save the day. Assuming, of course, he doesn’t kill her first.

DON’T LOOK BACK: Warders of Earth (S.E. Gilchrist, novel, $3.99, Suzanne Hamilton)

Almost twenty, Tara has no direction in her life. She longs for a trendy lifestyle, far from the responsibilities of her crazy parents and their preoccupation with apocalyptic predictions.

But what happens when it all comes true?

The hottest guy she’s ever seen blows into town, claiming he’s here to protect her. The tattoo on his nape reads: Warder of Earth. Alien seeder meteorites rain down bringing chaos and destruction.

The town is overtaken by gun-toting, zealous soldiers and a mysterious virus spreads with terrifying and deadly results. Someone close to her, is leaking information to the enemy. She no longer knows who to trust.

Fighting for her family and the world’s survival, Tara must accept the secret of her past; she was genetically bred for a specific purpose.

But every victory comes at great cost. And heroes are ordinary people who in a heartbeat, choose to make the ultimate sacrifice.

HOT PURSUIT: Huntress of the Star Empire #1 (Athena Grayson, serial, $.99, Uncharted Worlds Media)

She always gets her man…

Treska Sivekka is the best Vice Hunter in the entire Union of Civilized Worlds, but her latest bounty might put her right out of a job. She’s on the hunt for the last of the psypaths, whose psionic gifts are thought to have caused devastating alien attacks on a dozen worlds. The last psypath, Micah Ariesis, is the only remaining chink in the armor of the Union.

But acquiring her target starts Treska on a journey not back to the safety of the Civilized Worlds of the Union, but its wild edges, where she begins to question all she’s known—about the attacks, about psypaths, and about herself. As she unravels the shocking mystery of her own origins, she must question everything she believes until she finally hunts down the truth.

CAPTIVATED:Huntress of the Star Empire #2 (Athena Grayson, serial, $.99, Uncharted Worlds Media)

Episode 2: Captivated

The Huntress has captured her bounty, but can she keep him?

It’s a long way back to the Capitol planet, and close quarters inside the Huntress’s sleek starship. Can she keep it together long enough to deliver the last mindsnake, or will his wily mental tricks break through her defenses?

Treska’s last bounty is unlike anyone she’s encountered before, and her reaction to him is outside the realm of her experience. She’s willing to go to great lengths to keep him defenseless. Micah set out to lure the legendary Huntress with himself as bait as part of a deeper rebellion, but her presence sends his mental talents into a tailspin. Is he out of his mind…or just out of his pants?

HEART OF STEEL (Elizabeth Einspanier, novel, $10.99p, indie)

When reclusive cyborg Alistair Mechanus saw his latest guest, troubled ER doctor Julia Parker, it was love at first sight—for him.

While he eagerly drops his plans for World Conquest to woo her, ten years of virtual solitude have left his social skills badly rusted, and his initial gifts confuse and horrify her. When a misguided gesture of kindness backfires on both of them, however, Julia is forced to trust the mad genius with her life. She has the skills he needs to unlock his forgotten past, but will learning who he used to be come at the cost of his remaining sanity?

THE ANDROMEDANS: THE EMPIRE #3 (Elizabeth Lang, novel, $5.99, IFWG Publishing)

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find out who you really are.

After being kidnapped by a bounty hunter and getting mixed up with a band of rebels, Adrian and Kali are finally together. They find a quiet corner of the galaxy to live in peace and…who are we kidding…

Just when they think it’s safe, the unthinkable happens. Adrian, a brilliant scientist who prides himself on the perfect mind, loses everything. Kali has to revisit something she abhors in order to save him, and this time the stakes are even higher. Not only does Adrian’s life hang in the balance but the survival of two galaxies.

Just who are these Andromedans and why are they willing to go to such lengths to destroy humanity? What do they want with Adrian? And who is crazy enough to go to the Andromedan galaxy to rescue him?

ESCAPE VELOCITY: Valiant Knox #1 (Jess Anastasi, novel, $3.99e, $15.29, Entangled Publishing: Select Otherworld)

Ilari, Brannon System, 2436

At first, Dr. Sacha Dalton is simply curious about the prisoner of war admitted to her med-lab…until she sees who it is. For Commander Kai Yang—the commander of the battleship Valiant Knox—has long been thought dead. Killed in action. But after almost a year and half, he’s returned home. Returned to her.

Kai is recovering from his ordeal and under the watchful care of Sacha, his childhood friend and the widow of his best friend. Only now, their friendship has grown and deepened into something far deeper, and far more complicated. Yet as Kai’s body recovers, his psyche remains broken. How could he ever be the man he was, and the man Sacha deserves? But an intergalactic war has a way of forcing a man to be the hero he was always meant to be…

THE DIABOLICAL MISS HYDE: Electric Empire #1 (Viola Carr, novel, $10.99, Harper Collins)

In an electric-powered Victorian London, Dr. Eliza Jekyll is a crime scene investigator, hunting killers with inventive new technological gadgets. Now, a new killer is splattering London in blood, drugging beautiful women and slicing off their limbs. Catching the Chopper will make Eliza’s career—or get her burned. Because Eliza has a dark secret. A seductive second self, set free by her father’s forbidden magical elixir: wild, impulsive Lizzie Hyde.

When the Royal Society send their Enforcer, the mercurial Captain Lafayette, to prove she’s a sorcerer, Eliza must resist the elixir with all her power. But as the Chopper case draws her into London’s luminous magical underworld, Eliza will need all the help she can get. Even if it means getting close to Lafayette, who harbors an evil curse of his own. Even if it means risking everything and setting vengeful Lizzie free…

UNCHAINED MEMORY: Interstellar Rescue #1 (Donna S. Frelick, novel, $.99e, $12.76p, Ink’d Press)

Three hours ripped away her past.

His love promised her the future.

From the night she wakes up in her pickup on the side of the road, three hours gone and everything of value lost to her, Asia Burdette is caught in a clash of invisible forces. She has only one ally in her struggle to understand why—Ethan Roberts, a man she shouldn’t love, a psychiatrist who risks everything to help her.

With black ops kidnappers dogging their trail, the lovers race to navigate a maze of mind control, alien abduction and interstellar slavery. If they keep following the signs, they’ll find a battle that’s been raging since the first silver saucer was spotted in the skies above Earth.

SAPPHO’S AGENCY (Lizzie Newell, novella, $8.99p $2.99e, indie)

On a planet with three women for every man…

Sappho and her bisexual partner, Daisy, insemination specialists, have landed the case of a lifetime: arrange an anonymous liaison between the most eligible bachelor on the planet and a mysterious young woman. The purpose: to produce a child. As Sappho and Daisy unravel the identity of the woman and the sexual fetishes of the couple, they discover an entangling mesh of politics, technology, and sexuality. Sappho encourages the young woman to throw off political restraints and follow her heart. (Reviewed in this issue)

ECHO 8 (Sharon Lynn Fisher, novel, $15.99p list price, discounted by Amazon and B&N to $11.99, Kindle & Nook: $9.99, Tor Books)

Three lives. Two worlds. One chance to save them all.

As a parapsychologist working for Seattle Psi, Tess has devoted her life to studying psychic phenomena. But when doppelgangers begin appearing from a parallel world that’s been struck by an asteroid, nothing in her training will help her survive what’s to come.

After dislocating to Seattle Psi from the other Earth, Jake is confined by a special task force for study. But when he drains life energy from Tess, almost killing her, it causes a ripple effect across two worlds—and creates a bond neither of them expected.

Ross is an FBI agent ordered to protect Tess while she studies Jake. His assignment is not random—he and Tess have a history, and a connection the Bureau hopes to use to its own advantage. By the time Ross realizes his mission could be compromised, it’s already too late—he’ll have to choose between his love for Tess and his duty to protect the people of his own Earth. (Reviewed in this issue)

FLIGHT: The Inherited Stars #1 (Laurie A. Green, novella, $.99, Array Press)

To escape the merciless Ithian Alliance, Sair, a fugitive slave, makes a desperate deal with Drea Mennelsohn, captain of the prototype ship, Specter. But putting his life in the hands of a woman as mysterious as she is beguiling could turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life, especially when the price on his head begins to escalate.

The daring captain seems to want far more from Sair than just payment for his passage. Though neither can deny the sizzling chemistry and growing bond between them, Sair must soon make an agonizing decision: maintain his own longed-for freedom or become a helpless pawn in an intergalactic coup against a ruthless superpower.

As the truth behind Sair’s place in the galaxy and Drea’s unique existence are revealed, it becomes clear that they are vital to the success of the coup. But their part in ending the Ithian Alliance may come at a terrible price for Sair: the loss of the remarkable woman he has fallen in love with—and their chance to inherit the stars.

A MIRRORS BEGINNING: SETH AND LOGAN BROOKS (Kristina Stutts, short story, $.99, Distinguished Press)

Split from their family at a young age, the twins Seth and Logan Brooks went down very different paths. Seth became a pilot. Logan became a strongman for a Middle Eastern weapons and drug dealer.

Charlie Westlake is a man on a mission to bring together one of the top teams the universe has ever seen. A twist of fate will reunite the twins and bring them on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

Seth and Logan Brooks joins the ISC in this short story, a prequel to KG Stutts’ Mirror series.

BY FLAME: Xenonian Origins #5 (Catrina Taylor, short story, $.99, Distinguished Press)

Sira lost her parents, gained a new ability, and then her temper destroyed the only home she’s ever known. As a runaway she crosses counties, boundaries, and finds herself a new way of life. In a new school, with a new mom, and training for her psionic ability, everything finally starts to go her way. With adoption on the horizon, she joins a tournament that pits her flame against others who train as hard.

In the middle of the tournament everything changes, and she is forced to do something she’s never wanted to do.


BARGAIN WITH THE ENEMY: The Darkon Warriors #6 (S.E. Gilchrist, novella, $2.81, Escape Publishing)

From the best-selling Darkon Warriors series comes an enemy-to-lover story about a brother, a best friend, and the precious gift they leave behind.

Masquerading as her best friend is probably not the wisest decision Stephanie ever made, but she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her friends’ orphaned baby, especially from the father’s emotionless, soulless vacuum of a family. They’ll make it back to Earth, and be a loving, supportive family of two.

With his brother dead, Ivo will do anything to ensure the daughter he had with his human lover remains under his control and protection. The child, Mia, belongs here, in the Seven Galaxies, where she can be raised in the appropriate way.

But the only way to the child is through a bargain with a female deserter, a woman with no honour. Lust, however, has no reason, and when Stephanie and Ivo act on their attraction, they inadvertently set new terms. With Mia’s life in the balance, can they find a contract with a future, or will everything fall apart in negotiations?

ICY PASSAGE (Ann Gimpel, novel, $4.99, Hartwood Publishing)

Lethal cultures, bizarre illness, and political intrigue create an unlikely backdrop for love in Antarctica, the last true frontier.

Fresh out of residency, Dr. Kayna Quan opts for a tour in Antarctica. Money is short, so she hires on as medical officer aboard a Russian research vessel headed for McMurdo Station. Primed for almost anything, she plays her paranormal ability close to the vest. Being odd man out in a world where most don’t believe in magic makes her wary and feisty.

Brynn McMichaels has been stationed on remote South Georgia Island for two years, and he’s eager for a change. When cultures of the single-celled organism, archaea, overgrow their bins in his lab and begin shifting into another form, he worries he’s losing his mind and talks with scientists at McMurdo, but they have problems of their own—bad ones. After he hears about them, Brynn agrees to help. The weather’s too uncertain to send a plane, so he hitches a ride aboard Kayna’s ship and brings his mutant culture colonies along.

Attraction sparks, hot and powerful, between Brynn and Kayna, but her disclosure about her magic is a tough nut to crack. It doesn’t help that her dead father is stalking her. Lethal cultures, bizarre illness, and McMurdo’s refusal to let them land force Brynn and Kayna into an uneasy alliance. Will their fragile bond be enough to thwart the powers trying to destroy Earth, and them along with it?

TAILSPIN: Huntress of the Star Empire #3 (Athena Grayson, serial, $.99, Uncharted Worlds Media)

Everyone in the star system wants a piece of Micah. Treska’s used to holding onto what’s hers, but is she holding on to her bounty…or something more?

With Riktorian pirates on her tail, and Micah getting into her mind—even through a neuro-collar—Treska needs every single trick she’s got in order to keep her bounty, keep her wits, and avoid becoming a pretty spray of space-dust across the frontier orbits of the star system.

THE NETWORK: The Inherited Stars #2 (Laurie A. Green, novella, $2.99, Array Press)

Captain Drea Mennelsohn seems to want far more from the fugitive Sair than just payment for his passage on her ship. Though neither can deny the sizzling chemistry and growing bond between them, Sair must soon make an agonizing decision: maintain his own longed-for freedom or become a helpless pawn in an intergalactic coup against a ruthless superpower.


The year is 3500 AD—more or less. No one really keeps track anymore. Since the fall of peacekeeper planet, LaGuardia, two centuries before, much has been lost. Few remember that LaGuardia was once known as Draxis. Fewer still have knowledge that Draxis once guarded a spatial vortex—a crossrip in time and space—and passageway to a legendary world called Earth where the human species originated. Somewhere, hidden in a forgotten archive, is the written history of the known universe and the chronicles of the men and women who helped forge a future in the stars.

PHOENIX INHERITANCE: Phoenix Institute #4 (Corrina Lawson, novel, $3.85, Samhain Publishing)

To save their son, they might have to sacrifice their love—and their lives.

Ex-Navy SEAL Daz Montoya and rescue dog handler Renee Black have made a career out of saving people. But when their whirlwind affair resulted in pregnancy, Daz’s verbal fumble tore their budding relationship apart.

It’s been a tough eight years for Renee, raising Charlie alone with his autism-fueled impulsiveness, but she’s managed—until now. When she has to chase him to the edge of a cliff in a snowstorm, seeing the face of their rescuer is just the rotten cherry on top of an already rough day.

In the close confines of a snowbound cabin, Renee and Daz rediscover the heat still simmering between them. But while Renee welcomes Daz’s renewed determination to help Charlie however he can, she’s reluctant to trust him with her heart.

With the Phoenix Institute’s help, Renee and Daz discover their son’s gift for animal telepathy is real. And that to save him from old enemies that would kill to control him, they must join forces—and risk losing everything they’ve ever loved.

RULED: Planet Alpha #10 (J.J. Lore, novella, $4.99, Evernight Publishing)

While on a clandestine visit to Earth, Prince Edem of Alpha and his bondmate Mallet by chance meet a humble cook who intrigues them. The impulsive prince feels a brief fling with an exotic human female would be the perfect way to conclude their travels, but his more pragmatic bondmate urges caution.

Despite all the reasons to avoid her, the Alphans seek her out, intrigued by her prickly pride and defiant disposition. For her part, Corrine is intimidated by these imposing and mysterious alien men, but finds herself overwhelmed by their determined courtship.

Edem and Mallet convince themselves their deepening feelings for Corrine do not have to include bonding, since such a commitment would be forbidden by the King and rejected by the subjects of Alpha, determined to keep the royal bloodline pure. But when danger threatens, the three are forced to choose between having the galaxy at their feet and having each other forever.

THE FALL: Tales of Tolari Space #3 (Christie Meierz, novel, $3.99, indie)

As bitter enemies scheme against each other with the fate of Tolar in the balance, Laura Howard, made a powerful empath by the Jorann’s gift, loses everything—again. Now she must recover and find her place, and herself, while fighting against the ghosts of her past and the expectations of everyone around her.

Loss after tragic loss shakes the Paran to his very soul. With his allies vying for control of the planet and his own province caught in the middle, he must risk his life as well as that of the woman he loves to take the one action he never thought he would: challenge for leadership of the ruling caste.

CHAOS STATION (Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen, novel, $3.59, Carina Press)

“You’re not real. Felix Ingesson is dead.”

The war with the alien stin is over, but Felix Ingesson has given up on seeing his lover, Zander Anatolius, ever again. Zander’s military file is sealed tighter than an airlock. A former prisoner of war, Felix is attempting a much quieter life keeping his ship, the Chaos, aloft. He almost succeeds, until Zander walks on board and insists that Felix isn’t real.

A retired, broken super soldier, Zander is reeling from the aftereffects of his experimental training and wants nothing more than to disappear and wait for insanity to claim him. Then he sees footage of a friend and ally—a super soldier like him—murdering an entire security squad with her bare hands and a cold, dead look in her eyes. He never expected to find Felix, the man he’d thought dead for years, on the ship he hired to track her down.

Working with Felix to rescue his teammate is a dream come true…and a nightmare. Zander has no exit strategy that will leave Felix unscathed—or his own heart unbroken.

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