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Editorial by KS Augustin

Greetings of the season!

Posted: 24 December, 2015 at 1:45 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Oh my, there are so many things I want to cover in this issue’s Editorial, I’m not sure where to begin! Firstly, my fingers are crossed that this issue made it out in a surprise early release. The Editorial Team thought it would be a great idea to give you something to read over the holiday season and, boy, is there a lot to read in Issue 9! But, before we get to that, onto more administrative news.

As you may know, Hugo nominations open next month for all WorldCon members and Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is eligible in the “Semiprozine” category. The Hugo Awards state that, for a nomination, the publication must have produced at least 4 issues (tick); at least one of which must have appeared in the year of eligibility (tick); is “semi”pro in that they pay a little, but generally not enough to make a living for anyone (tick…sigh); either pays its contributors in other than copies of the publication (tick on the short stories and cover art) or is generally available only for paid purchase (a definite cross, although we wouldn’t have it any other way!).

We won’t win, of course. After the horror of Puppygate, it’s obvious to me that the SF arena is still one that’s toxic to women but we’d love to be nominated, if only to spread the word. The more eyes we have reading this magazine, the better the mix and the more we can help the genre and writers of SFR.

Which brings me to another effort, the consolidation of Heather Massey’s groundbreaking The Galaxy Express blog with this magazine. All of Heather’s treasure trove of posts is still available at the old site, but Galaxy Express 2.0, as we’re calling it (for some reason, she nixed Galaxy Express: The Next Generation), hopes to consolidate all our efforts and turn the writers, readers and lovers of SFR into a community. I’ve been trying to give the most silent member of our team, Fiction Editor Diane Dooley, a bigger voice here at the magazine, and Galaxy Express 2.0 seems the best way to do it. So please direct a browser window to and pick up on the latest posts from SFRQ‘s editors. The articles won’t always be on SFR but I hope you’ll find all of them equally entertaining.

Not only do the Hugo nominations open next month, but January is also the month of the SFR Galaxy Awards! I love the Galaxy Awards, precisely because the books that are chosen resonate with the judges, rather than being awarded on a first-second-third place basis according to one-size-fits-all categories. To celebrate this, SFRQ’s next issue will be one devoted to the Award winners. I know this is a bit early to mention, but I want to make the following offer:

If you are the recipient of a Galaxy Award, you can buy an Excerpt or Excerpt + Ad package from us for 50% off! That is $15 for an excerpt-only (reg. $30); $20 for an excerpt and supplied ad (reg. $41); or $25 for an excerpt and we-do-it ad (reg. $51). And you’re excused from any other limitations (i.e. quarter of publication, number of excerpts allowed per year). This will only apply to Issue 10, which is set for release on 31 March. It’s a great opportunity to spread the word and encourage readers to find out about your books via SFRQ. Full details will be provided on our Advertising page early next year.

We have so much for you this issue that I don’t even have time to go on one of my opinionated raves. 🙂 All of us at SFRQ would like to wish you and your family all the best during this holiday season. From the reviewers, the columnists, the readers, to the short story crafters and artists who’ve been with us, thank you so much for your support. I hope 2016 is a banner year for SFR and I thank you for staying with us on our journey.

Go read!
Kaz Augustin

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