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Secret Aliens

Posted: 29 March, 2016 at 4:31 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

I think at one time or another everyone has wondered if they have a special place in the world. During adolescence, the idea that there is something that makes us lesser than our peers is a normal part of growing up. I think this is why the alien within concept appeals to me so much as an author. I have the chance to explore that turmoil. At one point or another in everyone’s life, they are an alien, deep down.

When a hero or heroine doesn’t know who they are, I can identify with them. These are the kind of stories I like best. I write stories about the fantastic, but the characters have to be real enough to step off the page. Readers gift authors with the suspension of disbelief, but that courtesy doesn’t extend to unrealistic characters. No matter how out-of-this-world a story is a sympathetic character can pull it together and make the journey possible.

Opinion-SpiritBondedI’ve always been drawn to stories about strong women. A woman’s strength is usually in her soul. A story where the heroine just rolls over and accepts a bad fate doesn’t appeal to me as a reader, so I’d never do one as a writer. Inside all of us is a little voice that asks us if we’re good enough. When I was young, I wasn’t sure what my place was in the world. Some of that uncertain young woman found its way into Annika, the heroine of my new novel Spirit Bonded. She’s grown up in a small Wisconsin town with no idea that she’s an alien. Annika is faced with a terrible choice when her destiny is revealed. She can save the world she doesn’t remember and leave Earth, or hide from her birthright and stay safe. I started writing her story two years ago. The story morphed from young adult to new adult.

As an avid movie fan, I’m always looking for a movie with romance, excitement, and a strong female lead

For me, the biggest appeal of sci-fi romance is the unlimited possibilities. As a writer, reader, and woman sci-fi romance delivers the idea that our reality doesn’t define our destiny. I love creating new worlds to explore the human heart. Taking emotion into new realms proves how important human feelings are in the evolution of what we can become. Showing our best selves and our worst traits in the context of another world is an exciting part of what makes me want to write. I escape with my characters. The best writers leave a small piece of their soul behind in every book. I hope when people read my work I’ve given enough life to my characters that they stay with the reader like the memory of a friend.

As an avid movie fan, I’m always looking for a movie with romance, excitement, and a strong female lead. I loved the movie Jupiter Ascending. Jupiter’s story was similar to Annika’s, so I was very drawn to the character. Sadly, there aren’t many movies with women who have the power to save others. Too often male characters save the day. I’m so excited to see the newest Star Wars movie due to the female lead. I just hope the story lives up to my inflated expectations. I write romance because loving is the bravest thing someone can do, and this is the best platform I’ve found to showcase female bravery. Celebrate women and read a romance novel today.

Book Blurb from Spirit Bonded:

When you’ve been deceived your entire life and everyone suddenly wants to use you for their own purposes, how do you know who to trust?

Annika thought not knowing her parents was rough, but knowing the truth is even worse. She has always felt out of touch with everyone around her. Since she was a teenager, she’s seen impossible things. When she’s suddenly attacked by shadowy creatures, the truth come out, and it changes her life. It appears Annika has an out-of-this-world destiny, and if that wasn’t crazy enough, she’s beginning to accept the fact she’s an alien.

It helps that she has some friends to see her through. Cas, her best friend, is bitter that in the chaos he lost his birthright to be her magical protector, Jai is crazy and trying to make his death wish a reality, and Mikol is…hers. Her guardian is the only part of her insane new life that makes sense. The feelings growing between them are forbidden. But rules don’t stop Annika from wanting more than his ability to shield her from the darkness. When Annika is with her hot-as-hell bodyguard she knows what it is to really be human.

Can she save a distant planet from a tyrannical ruler and find a way to be with the man she loves?

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