Write for us!

Short stories sought for publication in online quarterly journal focused on Science Fiction Romance

Length: 2,000 to 7,500 words.

Payment: 2 cents/word (US) paid upon publication, promotional biography with two links, and a complimentary quarter-page advertisement.

Deadline for Issue #5: 01 December, 2014.

Rights sought: Six-month exclusive world digital rights from date of publication; non-exclusive thereafter.

Other info: One short story will be published per issue. Please send only edited and polished work. Due to time constraints, we are unable to give personalized feedback on rejected stories.

Stories that tie-in to a previously established world will be considered, but story must stand alone.

All sub-genres of science fiction will be considered.

Any heat level, from sweet to erotic, will be considered. Original, previously unpublished fiction only. No fan fiction, please.

All stories must contain elements of science-fiction, include romance, and have an upbeat ending.

No multiple submissions. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please inform us if the story is placed elsewhere.

Submit! Standard manuscript format, please. Send brief cover letter with biographical information and publication history, along with attached story (.RTF or .DOC format) to Diane Dooley — Fiction #at# SciFiRomanceQuarterly #dot# org — by deadline.

30 thoughts on “Write for us!

    • As the magazine is so young, Tara, we’re concentrating on new stories for the time being, especially as we can only publish one per issue at present. Don’t tell me your thinking cap needs new batteries? ;)

  1. We live among you is a 50K word humorous novel. It’s
    about an ancient alien community living amongst us. Set in the present as they struggle with a conspiracy within their community, that would expose them to the world. If you’re interested I would love to send you a copy.

    • Thanks for the offer, Ralph, but we’re only interested in short stories at this time. Have you tried submitting to some of the digital-first presses? They’re very open to manuscripts that don’t meet the 80,000+ word target for paperback printing.

  2. I wrote a story titled “The Fencer’s Tale,” which is both a standalone story and part of a novella I wrote last summer. It’s set on another planet and makes mention of an interstellar cruiser traversing through a black hole. Would that count for your magazine?

    • Yes it is. But remember, you need to remove the spaces and change the “#xx#” segments to the proper symbols “@” and “.” respectively.

  3. I just want to confirm: on the Write for Us page it says that Issue 3 is looking for an upbeat ending, but the deadline (May 1) given is for Issue 2. Is it okay for a story submitted for Issue 2 to not have an upbeat ending?

    • Oops, thanks for that LL. I’ve changed the title to reflect Issue 3, not 2, although the deadline remains the same (01-May for Issue 3).

      Okay, onto the technical stuff. If a story doesn’t have an HEA/HFN (Happy Ever After / Happy For Now), then it can’t properly be classified as a Romance; more an “SF with Romantic Elements”. For the time being, we’re sticking with straight SFR, as opposed to SFwRE so, sorry, upbeat it is. Should we change the requirements, I’ll update this page forthwith.

      Kaz Augustin

    • I think you mean “platonic”. And yes, that would count, as long as it had a strong romantic thread resolving as an HFN/HEA (Happy For Now / Happy Ever After) ending.

    • That’s right, Hydra. One at a time. Thanks for the question; I’ve made it clearer now in the requirements…I hope!

  4. On the submission guidelines it reads:

    “Stories that tie-in to a previously established world will be considered, but story must stand alone.”

    What exactly does this entail?

    • Hi Armond. Basically, that means no vital information to the plot/story that is contained in another story. You can allude to other events, but the story must make sense without having to have read those events in other books.

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